Want to rent a SunRail train? Here's how

Orlando Sentinel

I've heard a lot of people say how much they would like to ride SunRail on the weekend, or during weekday afternoons or nights when service is scaled back.

Good news! You can!

For a price.

The Florida Department of Transportation isn't advertising it, but its rail contractor, Bombardier, will rent out trains for special events. I first heard about this through a report by our Fox 35 news partner.

Both the city of Longwood and the Orlando Magic have asked about train rentals.

Here's what SunRail told Longwood about pricing:

- A round-trip weekday rental is $1,431.20, plus fuel.

- A round-trip weekend rental is $2,773.12, plus fuel.

- Fuel for a round trip is between 250 and 300 gallons. At the current price of about $3.45 per gallon, that's another $1,000 or so.

- The rental fee includes one locomotive, two cab cars and the crew.

- You'll end up paying more for insurance and possibly some other costs.

Okay, so the prices are a little steep for most of us.

But the Orlando Magic is interested in train service for its home games. The Church Street stop is right by the arena. Under the current schedule you'd have to leave before the game is over to catch the last train (which might not be so bad considering the way the Magic have been playing the last couple of years). 

And it would make perfect sense for special events in Winter Park, especially the annual art festival that is such a parking headache.

Longwood Commissioner Joe Durso said his city is interested in exploring whether the train could bring people Longwood's autumn arts show or maybe its farmers market.

He's a little concerned about the prices but said Longwood might look at partnering with other cities to share costs.


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