Record-breaking 727-pound gator caught in Mississippi

Hunters in Mississippi broke the state record this weekend when they snared a 13-foot, 4.5-inch 727-pound alligator that looks like it came straight from "Lake Placid."

Dustin Brockman ventured to the Mississippi River with his friend and his brother Saturday night and spotted the gargantuan gator. From there, it took about two hours of chasing it, then another two to kill it. Even harder was the task of getting the gator into the boat, which took another four hours and an additional four men. 

Crazier still, the previous state record was broken only an hour earlier when Beth Trammell and her team nabbed a 723.5-pound, 13-foot gator -- and this was all during the first weekend of Mississippi's gator-hunting season. 

Brockman's gator, the first one he ever caught, broke the state's record for weight but it came just short of the 13-foot, 6.5-inch state record for length.

But seeing as it's just the start of the season, it's likely someone could pull an even bigger reptile from the river and demolish both of those records.

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