Should the parents of school shooters face charges?

Orlando Sentinel

Is it right for the parents of kids who shoot up schools to face charges?

Authorities in Sparks, Nevada, where a 12-year-old boy shot inside a middle school a few days ago, killing a teacher, and ultimately, himself, say the boy's parents could face charges in the case

According to a Reuters story, the law in Nevada restricts anyone from allowing a child to handle a firearm without supervision from an adult. The parents could find themselves facing negligence charges -- or worse -- if, as law-enforcement officers think, the gun he used came from his home.

Do you think the parents should be charged?

I'm not terribly moved by concerns that the parents of the shooter are themselves grieving, especially since the fact that they allowed their child to have access to guns contributed to so much heartache for other people.

Two other children were also injured in the Nevada shooting.

The boy in the Nevada case is one of the youngest school shooters in American history. Authorities have not yet identified him publicly.


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