Some see Christ's image in 'Treesus' stump in Orlando before Easter

Jesus Christ is everywhere during Holy Week, but one Orlando woman thought she was going crazy when she saw his image in the bark of a dead tree in her front yard.

"It's Treesus," the homeowner, Kim, said on the eve of Resurrection Sunday. "I find it very odd. For me, it's unmistakable, and I'm not particularly religious. So I don't know what it means."

The Orlando Sentinel agreed to withhold her full name and address because she fears her home would turn into a mecca of pilgrims wanting to see the image. That's what happened in Clearwater in 1996, when people saw an iridescent figure of the Virgin Mary in the glass windows of a building.

Kim's boyfriend pointed out Christ's profile to her just before the start of Holy Week. She didn't see the face at first, but once she did, she couldn't deny that the image looked just like the Son of God.

"I just wanted to share this with the world," Kim said.

Her friend Michael Matheny, deacon at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke, sees it, too.

"I think that people around this time of year look for something in life, and it can be Jesus," Matheny said.

Tiffany Walden

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