iPhones involved in 14 percent of NYC crimes

The New York City Police Department has announced that iPhones and other Apple products were the targets of 16,000 thefts in 2012, Fox 5 in New York reports

That equates to 14 percent of all NYC crimes.

The NYPD says that nearly 20 percent of all burglaries, robberies and grand larcenies involve Apple products.

The large number of thefts are said to be due to the high resell value of the products.

This problem isn't just in New York. Smartphone theft is one of the fastest-growing street crimes in the U.S., accounting for 1.6 million thefts in 2012. That makes up 40 percent of all robberies in major cities.

In related news, a man in China recently had his iPhone stolen, only to have the thief send him a handwritten list of nearly 1,000 contact numbers from the device.

At least that thief had some remorse.



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