Hillary Clinton endorses 'Golden Girls'

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We're in for some mighty strange days, courtesy of that Hillary Clinton book tour.

ABC on Friday previewed Diane Sawyer's interview with Clinton, the first of a series of high-profile sit-down chats to promote the former secretary of state's memoir "Hard Choices."

Sawyer wanted to know about Sen. Mitch McConnell's jab that the 2016 Democratic presidential field would be like a "rerun of the 'Golden Girls.' "

Clinton replied, "That was a very popular, long-running TV series."

We live in a country where pop-culture references resonate more than many issues. Remember Murphy Brown?

McConnell probably did Clinton a favor by bringing up the old NBC sitcom. We could use more presidencies like "The Golden Girls": Entertaining, friendly, fun. Presidencies in which Washington works together, like the four women on "The Golden Girls" did.

Maybe Clinton can use the show's theme song, "Thank You for Being a Friend," for her 2016 campaign.

The snippets of the Sawyer interview give every indication that Clinton will run. She looked engaged, rested and happy. She seemed like Auntie Mame next to the all-business Sawyer. (You can see for yourself when the interview airs at 9 p.m. Monday.)

The New York Times headlines that the Clinton memoir "emphasizes her softer size."

The Sawyer preview, what little we saw, emphasized Clinton's humorous side -- yes, she has one.

She poked fun at Karl Rove and shrewdly used a Paul Ryan story to describe her health. She seems prepared to play the White House correspondents dinner. She looks ready to lead and entertain -- a potent combination, as Ronald Reagan taught us.

Maybe Clinton can enlist writers from "The Golden Girls" and "Designing Women" to create zingers for her on the campaign trail. ("Designing Women" creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason is a longtime pal of the Clintons.)

Hillary Clinton seems ready to mow down the complaints that she isn't fun or friendly. She could adopt a style reminiscent of Dorothy (Bea Arthur) of "The Golden Girls": cut down your opponents with sarcasm and carry a big quip. 

Going with a "Golden Girls" theme would be a savvy move for Clinton. She'd collect the votes of many real-life golden girls, and she'd win over the "Golden Girls" fan club, a large constituency.

In this country, it's not wise to run against "The Golden Girls." That's like running against your mother. As Maude, another Bea Arthur character, used to say: "God will get you for that."


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