Florida woman forgives ex for trying to kill her

A Florida woman stood in front of a packed courtroom in Clearwater and recounted the horrific night last year when her ex-boyfriend stabbed her 32 times and left her for dead.

Then, she forgave him.

What a saint.

The attack on Melissa Dohme began when her ex-boyfriend, Robert Lee Burton Jr., showed up at her front door and asked her to come outside. When she did, he began stabbing her in the neck and face with a pocketknife, Dohme said in court on Monday.

After about 20 jabs, Burton went to get a larger knife and then continued to stab her for a total of 32 times.

But justice will be served for Dohme. Burton was charged with attempted first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Monday, ABC News reports. 

Burton plead guilty but blamed his rage on alcoholism, depression and untreated bipolar disorder.

Since the brutal attack in 2012 and its aftermath, Dohme has graduated college, become a nurse and fallen in love with one of the EMTs who helped save her life.

She said in court that she will never forget what happened to her -- she'll always have the scars as a reminder -- but forgiveness is necessary for her to move on with her life.

"Forgiveness is a sign of letting go and when you forgive someone that hurts you, you take away their power," she said.

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