Florida Virtual School's high school gets first grade, a B

Florida Virtual School's full-time high school earned a B this year, the first time the online school qualified for a grade under Florida's annual A-to-F report card. The school got its first grade this year because 2012-13 was the first time it had enough students for the state to run its grading calculations.

The school report card issued Wednesday containined good news for many Florida high schools, as we reported. The virtual school did well, too,  missing an A by two points.

"We are so pleased with the progress and achievements of our students and teachers," said Julie Young, the virtual school's president, in a statement.

The school was judged on an 800-point scale, not the 1,600-point scale used for most high schools.  The 800-point scale uses FCAT scores, giving schools points for student success and improvement. The 1,600-point scale includes FCAT scores as well as three other factors. 

 The virtual school did not have enough students to run at least one of those other calculations, the state said, so it was judged on the other scale.

Those other factors are: graduation rates, acceleration (how many students took and did well in AP courses and other advanced classes) and college readiness (measured by success on the SAT and ACT and the like).

The online high school served about 1,800 students.


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