Cross and moon

Orlando Sentinel
Behind the lens of the moon-cross photo

Recently, I was in west Orange County and saw the 199-foot-tall cross at First Baptist Church of Central Florida. I knew there was an upcoming full moon and Holy week was fast approaching. I wanted use the two elements of the moon and the cross in a photo.

The iPhone app LightTrac, would be a help plotting the angle of the moon. I’ve used it before and the app is amazing accurate.  A cool front that brought rain Central Florida exited quickly, leaving the sky clear. I shot the first photos on March 27, but I felt the light would be better the next day. I returned to same the location the next morning watching the warm light illuminate the cross as the setting moon slipped behind it.

That morning was humid and it added a misty quality to the light.  A 300mm lens compressed the perspective and captured the moon larger in the frame. A high ISO 2000 setting allowed for a small aperture of f/29, creating an especially sharp photo.  The photo was published on the front of the Sentinel’s local section on Good Friday, 2013. Follow Red Huber on Twitter @RedHuber. Like us on Facebook: Orlando Sentinel Photography.

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