The Samba Room

Where: 7468 W. Sand Lake Road, Orlando Call: 407-226-0550 The lowdown: No one makes the claim that Samba Room's menu is authentic Latin American cuisine, so there's no expectation or disappointment. Think of it as more along the lines of Latin Quarter's nuevo Latino, with stylized dishes that hint at Caribbean flavors but surprise and delight with something new. The background: Samba Room is a wonderful mix of Latin flavors rolled up in a spiffy package that appeals to all the senses. It has the sort of high-class climate that we can only imagine was the rage in the Havana of the '40s, the sort of place jet-setters would fly to -- even before there were jets -- just for an evening of clubbing. Like its neighbor Timpano, Samba Room was originally part of the same family as TGI Friday's. Both are now owned by e-Brands and have had their menus redeveloped. View Larger Map
Shoun A. Hill, Orlando Sentinel
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