Cape Canaveral Lighthouse - Cape Canaveral, FL

CAPE CANAVERAL LIGHTHOUSE - Cape Canaveral, FL Active: Yes Characteristics: 2 flashes in 5 seconds followed by a 15 second eclipse. Height: 145 feet, 179 steps History: Constructed in 1848 and 1868. First Lighted: 1848; May 10,1868; July 25, 1894. In the late 1890's, it was moved to a site one mile inland because of shoreline erosion. Lens: Original: 15-lamps with 23-inch reflectors (1848); first-order Fresnel lens (1868). Present: one DCB-224 roating searchlight. Focal Plane: 155 feet. Other Buildings: Oil storage house. Coordinates: 28 27 37 N 80 32 36 W Operated by: United States Air Force Visit Status: No Access Visitor Info: This lighthouse is one of the most highly restricted lighthouses in the nation, being on Air Force restricted property, on a secured Air Force Base, and still partially under the Coast Guard.
by Joyce Allen, Florida Lighthouse Association
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