Dana Rohrabacher has been around way too long. It troubles me that he keeps getting re-elected to my congressional district. He is a Republican representative who distinguishes himself more by demagoguery than accomplishment.

But you be the judge.

This is a four minute snippet of one of the incendiary speeches Rohrabacher has blessed us with during some 26 years as our representative for the 48th Congressional District. This speech was presented to a select audience of Newport Mesa Tea Party members.


His penchant for hot-button issues and abrasive statements — global warming is a “total fraud”; the National Security Agency violates your privacy; big government is out to get you; be afraid of radical Islam; and Obamacare takes away your rights — appeal to conservatives and hide his lack of legislative accomplishments, not to mention oratorical skills.

We need someone to represent the interests of all residents of the district, not just Tea Partiers.

One hundred and thirty cheering Tea Party advocates packed the Halecrest Park Swim and Tennis Club to hear Rohrabacher in the above video clip.

How many of his estimated 712,000 constituents does Rohrabacher really represent?

Jim Hoover

Huntington Beach



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