I was disappointed to see the letters in your mailbag section all held the same opinion — that Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian was wrong to ban abortions at its facility.

I hope you will publish other opinions as well about this matter. I, for one, applaud Hoag for its decision. If abortion supporters are worried about where they or their daughters can get their next abortion, they need only look in the yellow pages for any number of providers.

I must say that the fact that one writer called abortion “a service” is unconscionable. The suction and dismemberment of an unborn human being forcibly torn from its mother’s womb is anything but a service.

Karen Fisher

Huntington Beach


Abortion ban an outrage

I find Hoag hospital's decision to ban abortions an outrage.

This is clearly a decision that comes from the affiliation with St. Joseph. Hoag's attempt to mislead the community by stating otherwise is upsetting and calls into question other statements from the board.

Hoag should also clarify to the community what other religious-based decisions it is making when it comes to community healthcare.

Stephanie Campbell

Costa Mesa


Use San Onofre space for eco power

Whether you were for or against the proposed Poseidon Resources Corp. desalination plant, now is the time for some creative and collective thinking.

With the scuttling of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, we have the potential for a new venture instead of a desalination plant, which is in constant limbo, to help offset the energy loss from the nuclear closure.

Why not utilize that real estate for a wind and or solar component to the existing structure that is eco-friendly and would not put us in the financial risk that Poseidon has shown in previous ventures. We would get green technology and jobs.

Wind and solar are proven, and most of the setbacks cost-wise on new projects are based on establishing the infrastructure for transmission, which the site has. From a risk-management standpoint, this a lot more feasible than the unproven venture that Poseidon is trying to push on the taxpayers.

Drew Kovacs

Huntington Beach