Marriage confusion

When I picked up Friday's Sentinel, the first thing I noticed was the picture of two lesbians kissing. The article on the jet that was shot down in the Ukraine, killing 298 people, was below it on the front page.

I encourage my children and grandchildren to read the newspaper. It was unsettling to have my children view this picture, since we believe marriage is between a man and a woman. These kinds of pictures should be used in places where children do not necessarily have to view them.

If gays want to legalize their union, why not do it in a civil ceremony? It is incompatible with Scripture to have people of the same sex demand to be married in a church with God's blessing.

This confusion has arisen from people doing whatever they feel is right in their own eyes. We cannot stop people from doing their own thing, but do not be confused: It can never be blessed as a sacred union.

Let's not confuse loving people with accepting their ideologies.

Lydia Demola Winter Park

No desire to live in anti-capitalist U.S.

Anthony H. Lee's letter to the editor in Saturday's Sentinel gave me cause for concern about the future of our country.

His letter attempts to show that owning and earning income from capital investments is undesirable and needs to be corrected because it has produced an "outsize wealth-accumulation imbalance."

He proposes to correct this by "incrementally increasing taxes on the wealthy" and by following the lead of France and Spain; adding a progressive annual tax on capital or total wealth, thus discouraging many wealthy people from continuing to seek high returns.

I suppose Lee would also add that the taxes collected would then be available for distribution to those in our country who are less fortunate. Unfortunately, his ideas have been tried in the communist world and proved to be invalid.

I, for one, have no desire to live in Lee's U.S., since I would probably not have my job. You see, I work for one of those evil capitalists who has made it possible for hundreds of people like me to work and even own a bit of capital ourselves.

Bill Snook Orlando

Florida should join national E-ZPass

We must make it easier, not harder, for tourists to visit and spend money in Central Florida, and the current twisted highway-toll system needs untangling.

Traveling from the airport to Disney, visitors hit tolls requiring either exact change in coins or a SunPass/E-Pass transponder. Many toll stations do not even have human attendants and don't accept credit cards — conditions making it impossible for visitors to pay. Many visitors just stepped off an airplane and might not have spare quarters for tolls.

Even worse, the six-county E-Pass is not compatible with the E-ZPass system, which is used by 15 states throughout the country.

We should get rid of tolls in Central Florida. If we demand tolls, we should make both SunPass and E-Pass compatible with the E-ZPass to allow the majority of our visitors to pay as easily as possible. All unmanned tollbooths should also accept credit cards.

Florida must modernize to avoid pestering the very guests whom we need to visit, stay long, spend money and return soon to do it again.