Catholic land proposal

If the Catholic Diocese of Orlando truly considers itself "caretakers of God's creation" and its priorities are really "preservation and conservation of natural treasures such as Lake Howell, its wetland system, upland areas, open space and natural vegetation," the diocese will reconsider developing the 470 San Pedro Center acres.

With Amendment 1, Florida's water and land legacy, coming up for a vote this Nov. 4, it's in everyone's best interest to give the Florida Forever program a chance to purchase that property. It meets the criteria that program is designed to protect.

We've already seen the damage to Lake Jesup resulting from all the development along Howell Creek; to add so much more pollution to the Lake Howell and Howell Creek watershed would be devastating.

Ralph Hudson Winter Park

Better reasons for youth vote than pot

I am saddened but not really surprised to read the front-page article "Medical pot, environment might draw young to polls" in Sunday's Orlando Sentinel.

In reference to medical pot, I would hope our young people are smarter than to use that as a primary reason to vote.

There are other motivators in play, such as the numerous conflicts in the near and Middle East, the alleged corruption in our government, the economic disasters they are facing, the out-of-control immigration problem, numerous voting irregularities, etc. These are real issues that should have young people rushing to register and vote.

My advice to young people would be to read and view news media, visit a Veterans Affairs hospital, go to the town hall meetings of those running for office, and take time to see what is taking place in their school districts.

By doing these things, I am sure they would still rush to register and vote, but they would be doing it not only for their future, but for the future of their children, state and country, before these things that are really important go up in smoke.

William F. EadsLeesburg

Bondi's hypocrisy on equal rights shameful

The hypocrisy is breathtaking and numbing. Regarding the article "Bondi: Stop gay marriage appeals" in Saturday's Sentinel: All Floridians should be outraged.

Out of one side of their judgmentalist mouths, Republican and religious gay marriage foes say this issue should be decided by the states (i.e, let the majority take away the rights of minorities by putting an unpopular human-rights issue on the ballot).

The other side of these orifices are now pontificating: "No more state court actions; let the U.S. Supreme Court decide this ..."

This is blatant abuse of the State Attorney General's Office for obstruction of justice and currying favor with party and religious toadies.

Does Pam Bondi's oath to enforce the constitution of the state of Florida for all Floridians mean nothing? Does she have no respect for Florida's judicial system, other than to subvert it?

Are the rights of some Floridians to be delayed for several years, simply because they "aren't like us"?

These same arguments and underhanded methods were used to subvert equal rights for women and blacks and deter interracial marriages for decades.