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NBC Free To Choose

I am writing regarding the decision of NBC Connecticut not to air the Megyn Kelly/Alex Jones interview [June 17, Page 1, “NBC Station Won't Air Kelly Show”].

Under pressure from the families of the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, NBC Connecticut decided not to air the Alex Jones interview. No reasonable person believes Jones’ stated position that the Sandy Hook Shooting was a hoax. Jones’ views are clearly objectionable. But who are the Sandy Hook families that they feel they have the right to restrict what any media outlet chooses to air?

This is censorship, pure and simple. First, the Sandy Hook families fought to restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners, perhaps an attack on the Second Amendment. Now they try to impose their will on NBC, an attempt to infringe on the First Amendment? For any one group to impose their will against the rights of another group seems un-American.  

I cannot begin to comprehend the depth of the pain the Sandy Hook families continue to endure. They should not have listen to Jones’ lies and conspiracy theories. Can't they just choose not to watch, just as I would not have watched the interview?

It is NBC's right under the First Amendment to air what they choose so long as it is in accordance with FCC regulations.  It is our right as a free people not to watch what NBC chooses to air.

Adam Lazinsk, Avon

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