Phil Giordano and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. (Tony Bacewicz/ Hartford Courant photo and Reuters photo / November 25, 2013)

Even East Haven Mayor Joe "Taco" Maturo's famous nickname-worthy quote appears to have been an isolated case of fumble-mouth. (Maturo, when asked by a reporter what he planned to do for the city's Hispanic community in the wake of a racial profiling scandal, replied, "I might have tacos when I go home.")

Maturo apologized for that quip, just as Ford has repeatedly apologized for a lot of the stuff he's said and done.

The Toronto mayor, however, might do well to take a little bit of inspiration from Maturo.

Ford is refusing to resign and insists he'll run for reelection when his term is up next year.

Perhaps that's where Ford can emulate Maturo, who also insisted on running again.

Despite the fact that Maturo's terms in office coincided with all that police scandal, and despite the national publicity about that "taco" quote, Maturo was actually reelected earlier this month as East Haven's Republican mayor.

So let's not give up on Ford just yet. Maybe Canadian voters (like East Haven voters) have more of a sense of humor about screwy politicians and their scandals than anyone thought.

If "Taco" can do it, maybe Ford can too.

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