INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WXIN) - Last minute shoppers hit the stores, purchasing everything they need to make that big Thanksgiving dinner.

At the Meijer on Southport Road, the pace isn't frantic like you would find the night before Christmas, and according to shoppers, that's a good thing.

They tell Fox59 News, it's more laid back, yet exciting, and shoppers were generally in a great mood.

Les Dodson knew exactly what he was looking for.

"Pumpkin pie, green beans, cool whip. You know all the basics," he said.

His wife Cindy Dodson tells another version of the same story.

"We ended up spending $200 for a "few" things. And I was only coming in for pumpkin pie. Imagine that?" Cindy joked.

In the seafood section, a large container of lobsters received no attention. They catch a break, because they're not what shoppers are after tonight.

Last minute shopper Cate Moran knows why:

"I think they're lucky. Ha! Ha! Ha! It's a day off. Everyone's gonna be buying turkeys or a ham and they get a reprieve for one day," she said.