Moving trucks spotted at Tim Durham's home
Neighbors were surprised to see moving vans outside the Geist area mansion of controversial financier Tim Durham, who has promised not to dispose of his assets while his investments are under investigation by the federal government.

"I'm very sorry to see all this happen," said neighbor Robin Peters who told reporters he had once been in Durham's home to see his collection of luxury cars. "You can only get so far out there on the edge and with this type of economy, it collapsed, it all collapsed."

Last month, Ohio authorities turned down Durham's request to sell $250 million worth of new securities in Fair Finance and last week some creditors forced the company into bankruptcy court.

"It certainly appears to me from my vantage point that the noose seems to be closing in on Fair Financial and its owners and directors," said Fishers attorney Tom Hargett who briefly represented some of Durham's Ohio investors. "You know, the developments in this Durham story seem to change every single day."

Tuesday, moving vans were hauling Durham personal items to his home in California where an associate told Fox 59 News Durham is staying. Durham's attorney Larry Mackey said his client is abiding by a commitment made to the U.S Attorney to not dispose of his assets or hide them from creditors.

U.S. Attorney Tim Morrison echoed those assurances, telling Fox 59 News that the removal of personal items from the Geist home did not raise, "a red flag."

"Our focus is pretty narrow in the criminal investigation," said Morrison, "and to the extent that we can tied assets to specific crimes at this point and that may be an issue but the investigation continues."