Police investigating bar where Lauren Spierer spent time before disappearance
Fox59 News has learned that the Indiana State Excise Police has opened an investigation into Kilroy's Sports Bar, after 20-year-old Lauren Spierer spent part of her night at the bar prior to her disappearance on Friday.

The Excise Police work with bars and restaurants to maintain compliance with state alcohol laws. Officers also work to enforce those laws, and now they are asking questions of Kilroy's.

"Where did the person enter the establishment?" said Officer Travis Thickstun. "Was ID checked at that time? Did the person consume any alcohol? Was the person served any alcohol? If a false ID was used, what quality was the false ID? Was it such that a reasonable person would not have accepted that ID? All those things go into a decision of whether of whether or not a violation was issued."

Kilroy's representatives have not issued any public statements or responded to Fox59's questions regarding how Spierer, a 20 year old, got into the bar or what they know about the time she spent there.

So far police have worked with the bar and Spierer's friends to determine that she spent time at Kilroy's on Friday and took her shoes off while in the outdoor area of the bar, which is filled with sand. Spierer left her shoes and cell phone at the bar and then left the bar roughly two hours before she was last seen. As the investigation continues excise police will continue to question the bar management and employees and explore any other information regarding compliance with state alcohol laws.

"In this case there are other people, there's video, so we're going to continue on with our investigation," Officer Thickstun said.

Killroy's Sports Bar has been cited for three incidents in the past five years. In each case police issued a fine and it was paid by the bar.
- April 18th, 2006: sale to an intoxicated person
- November 30th, 2007: allowing a minor to loiter- November 1st, 2008: allowing a minor to loiter and sale to a minor

The bar has received no violations in the past two years, despite at least two compliance checks every week.

Though Kilroy's state compliance numbers are good, several of the people helping with the search for Spierer say this case can't be ignored.

"The fact that she was served at an institution like that, I think that it's something that should be called into question," said Jennifer Holinka, a Bloomington resident who helped with the search.

"I think this case speaks to the importance of checking ID to making sure that people are 21, to making sure that establishments are complying with the law, and to keeping access to alcohol from underage people," Officer Thickstun said.

Though an investigation into Kilroy's is now open, state excise police say the search for Lauren takes priority. Several excise officers have offered help with the search. They don't anticipate any action in regards to Kilroy's until the search efforts are complete.