Meals on Wheels delivery coordinator Vicki Wright has it especially tough when the winter weather gets dicey.

Putting on her hat, gloves and coat are the least of her concerns. When snowy, icy and cold weather hits, her volunteers, many of them over 80 years old, have to cancel.

The worry is whether some of the 450 mostly elderly clients they serve have to go without food.

"So it's like if Meals on Wheels doesn't show up they might not eat that day and it's very hard for the elderly when many of them count on our meals to take medicine and simply to have food," said Wright.

Many homeowners are dealing with other concerns including busted furnaces. When cold weather hits they often find out too late there's a problem downstairs.

"Her furnace's heat exchange has a crack in it," said Technician Timothy Snelling as he serviced a furnace for one of his regular clients.

"I'll have to notify her and quote her either a new exchange or new equipment," said Snelling.

Preventative maintenance can help you avoid some problems. Experts say to make sure your filter is clean. Also check to make sure the water panel isn't clogged. Finally, feel for heat as soon as you turn it on. A delay could signal a problem.