Mayor Ballard releases five-point plan for improving education
Mayor Greg Ballard unveiled his education platform Wednesday that includes strategies to increase public education opportunities within the city that will position Indianapolis as a national leader in innovative education reform.

“The future of our city involves the creation of new, independent, high-quality public schools that consistently educate and serve all students exceptionally well,” said Mayor Ballard.  “New, independent, high-quality public schools are an element of – and can be a catalyst for – neighborhood, workforce and economic development.”

Mayor Ballard’s plan builds upon the many successes of his first term in office, which include:
  • Received more than 50 applications for new charter schools and opened eight schools – four of which are nationally unique models – for a total of 23 schools;
  • Secured up to $1.4 million in grants;
  • Piloted a model high school accountability system;
  • Created a new performance system for students in special education programs;
  • Featured in nine national publications;
  • Made eight charter school renewal decisions;
  • Launched enhanced school performance information via the Internet;
  • Expanded the Office of Charter Schools into the Office of Education Innovation;