The father of missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer spoke to the media Tuesday morning. Robert Spierer described his daughter as a young woman who is full of life, always on the go and fun to be with.

The 20-year-old sophomore went missing early Friday morning. She was last seen walking towards her apartment on College Avenue.

Her father went on, describing his daughter, saying Lauren has a large circle of friends. She is an active volunteer, who has been involved with Habitat for Humanity and has participated in an alternative spring break.

Spierer added that his daughter is a loving girl who called her mother every day. He asked anyone who saw Lauren Thursday night, no matter how casual, to let police know.

"Every little piece of information we get is important," he said.

Only Lauren's dad spoke, her mom stood by in support. Robert Spierer thanked the thousands of volunteers who have helped search, along with local law enforcement and all local and national media who are helping keep the story alive and helping get the word out.

Spierer, at one point said, "I beg you" when asking for more volunteers because there is such a big area to search and because she disappeared Friday and it's now Tuesday. He doesn't want people to stop helping.

"We're not going to give up," he said.

Bloomington police said they are getting help from IU police, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Indiana State Police and even the FBI. Police said there is no big revelation, no big break so far. They are searching the immediate Bloomington area and spanning out from there. Right now, the focus is in Monroe County, police believe there is no reason to think elsewhere.

She left her shoes and cell phone at Kilroy's, a popular local bar. Unfortunately, with her not having her cell phone, authorities can't use modern technology to track her. Police said Lauren did not carry a wallet and doesn't have one. Her keys were found in her apartment. When asked if she had a credit card with her, police said they did not want to go into those details. Later, police said they are constantly tracking her financials and the FBI is helping, but again, they did not want to comment on specifics of whether she had a credit card on her.

There is the possibility she left on her own, but based on the circumstances, alcohol, bar, time of day/night last seen, police believe foul play is involved. According to authorities, Lauren does have a boyfriend who is known to her parents along with a close group of friends. Police would not say whether they are doing any polygraphs but did say everyone has been very cooperative.

Volunteers spent Tuesday afternoon searching lower Cascades park, looking for some trace of Lauren. Organizers have volunteers going out in groups of at least three. Many of them were young female college students who say it could have been them.

"I don't know her but this could have been me this could have been my friends and I just texted everyone that I knew and said get out here," said IU student Hannah Helbert.

"I have a child who could be the one missing and I wanted to come out and help the parents eliminate areas and do the best we can to find Lauren," said parent Debbie Nolan.

"Our cadets are familiar with operating in terrain like this, so we wanted to bring the skillset out and help search and give the family and friends hope that we can have a positive outcome to this thing," said IU Army ROTC Commander Ltc. Mike Ogden.

A daily news conference will be held every morning with an update on the search. The next one is scheduled for Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. EST. Police said they will also alert everyone if there is any new information or big breaking news.

There are digital billboards everywhere all over the area, including Indianapolis, with her picture and asking people to be on lookout for her.

Lauren is described as approximately four feet, 11 inches tall with a slender build. She has blue eyes and blonde hair, longer than shoulder length. Anyone with information should call Bloomington police at 812-339-4477.

Spierer's mother Charlene Spierer said Lauren has a life-threatening heart condition called Long QT Syndrome. Her mother has asked if anyone knows where Lauren is, to please take her to a hospital.

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