Bloomington police spent Tuesday canvasing a neighborhood near where IU student Lauren Spierer vanished 12 days ago. Neighbors said it's first time they've been questioned.   

"It was a question in the back of our minds," said Zach Leffers as he stood on his porch at the intersection where police say Spierer was last seen.

"We are so close. We wanted to know if they were going to come talk to us. It's a question everybody around this blocks been asking."

"They didn't specify what we could be doing around here. They didn't come up to us asking any questions," said roommate Kyle Newcomb. "I'd probably be going around door-to-door just around the areas where the person went missing."

A neighbor at 5 North Townhomes, where Spierer was last seen before walking toward 11th and college, told Fox59 news he was questioned by police last week. Other businesspeople in the neighborhood said they haven't been contacted or that police were slow to recover surveillance video from security camera systems.

"We are very much in the information gathering stage," Captain Joe Qualters of the Bloomington Police Department told reporters Tuesday.

He indicated detectives are re-interviewing initial witnesses and reaching out to other associates of Spierer's whom he described as "2nd tier" contacts.
One of those contacts may be a roommate of Spierer's boyfriend Jesse Wolff.

Charlene Spierer delivered a message to whomever knows what happened to her daughter in a plea for information during a news conference Tuesday.

"What are you waiting for?"

Bloomington police indicate they may release video information of a vehicle of interest. The vehicle was circling the block at the time of Spierer's disappearance. They said they may even release photographs of the young woman as she walked through an alley an hour before she disappeared.