Confrontation took place in lobby of missing IU student's apartment the night she went missing

Fox 59 news has obtained new information regarding a confrontation that took place in the lobby of Lauren Spierer's apartment complex on the night the 20 year old Indiana University student disappeared.

An attorney for one of the young men who accompanied Lauren Spierer home from Kilroy's Bar, spoke exclusively to Fox 59 News, and revealed that his client got into a confrontation in the lobby of the Smallwood Plaza apartments just after 2:30 that morning.

The confrontation, which is reportedly captured on surveillance video occurred between the young man who walked Lauren home and other people inside the lobby. Lauren and the young man were in the lobby for roughly 10 minutes before leaving for another apartment on 11th St.

Ernie Reno, spokesperson for the apartment building, says he has not seen surveillance video and does not have knowledge of a confrontation. However, Reno says police requested video from five surveillance cameras at Smallwood from the morning Lauren disappeared.

On Tuesday night officers broke down two doors with a battering ram in order to grab computers containing that video. Reno says the apartment intended on complying and the only reason force was used was because an apartment manager was only given five minutes to page a maintenance supervisor to unlock the doors.

"Five minutes later (the manager) receives a second phone call from the same detective saying we're going to knock the doors down, which they did," Reno said. "We're perplexed by the entire episode. It's regrettable and it's unnecessary."

Bloomington Police have now reviewed the video and say it shows Lauren was not forced out of the building. Officers have not made any mention of an altercation.  Lt. Bill Parker says police have questioned a number of people who were with Lauren and have even conducted some polygraph tests.

"We have spoken to the acquaintances that were with her and going up to the other apartment on 11th (Street) and then the acquaintance that watched her walk away," Walker said. "But I don't want to characterize or state what was stated at this point."

On Wednesday night, a K-9 officer met with Lauren Spierer's parents at the Smallwood apartments. Both parties left without saying what they discussed.

Meanwhile, volunteers from all over continued to descend on Bloomington to help in search efforts Wednesday.

"We took a 12 hour drive out here from New York," said Frank Merante, a longtime friend and high school classmate of Lauren's.

Merante and other friends made the drive from New York to join Taylor Valentine, another high school friend and a current IU student, in the search.

"If I was in this situation somewhere else, she would come to look for me so I'm here to look for her," Marente said.

"Honestly I believe you must always have hope and I'm in a really positive place," Valentine said. "I'm working really hard to stay positive for everyone."

Monroe county sheriffs deputies began searching lake Monroe weds afternoon with boat and sonar.  They will resume search of lake's nearly 24,000 acres Thursday morning.