A school music teacher hits a sour note and now nearly 200 parents are calling for her job.

Police say one night in June 26 year old Lindsay Krin got drunk and barged into the home of her ex-boyfriend and his wife. They arrested her for trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Now a bunch of Thomaston parents say she's not fit to be a teacher, claiming that in addition to her off the job activities, there have been complaints about her bullying students at school.

171 parents have signed a petition that makes reference to Krin's arrest while asking for another teacher who recently list his job to be rehired.

A crowd packed a school board meeting Monday night only to be told board policy would not allow complaints about staff in a public hearing.

Still, some parents say they hope their presence spoke volumes.

Krin's attorney says she is devastated by the petition and is a dedicated teacher.

She's due in court next month.