The State is bracing for setting a new State record and one it doesn't really want to break!

If a budget is not passed by Saturday, August 22nd, State Lawmakers and Governor Jodi Rell will set a new record for going the longest without a State Budget in place. The current record is held during that tumultuous year in 1991 when the State Income Tax was first passed.

With vital time ticking away, Democratic leaders are calling for around-the-clock budget talks.

"It was a tough year in 1991. This is a tougher year but let's face it. We don't want to go into September without a budget," said Senate President Don Williams as he pulled up to the Governor's Mansion for the latest round of budget talks. "We need to get this done now and we are ready to meet 24/7."

Meanwhile, Governor Jodi Rell also said her priority is getting a budget.

"I will focus our energies on getting a budget," the Governor said, "but I think some will agree right now that there is a philosophical difference. I continue to believe that we need to cut spending."

IN 1991 when Lowell Weicker was Governor, the deficit was one billion dollars. Today, the deficit is expected to reach more than 8 billion dollars by next year.

Connecticut and Pennsylvania are the only two State in the country without some type of budget agreement on the table.