18 of the 19 people arrested during this weekend's bizarre bird bust in Shelton have posted bond, according to police.

Gilson Goncalves, however, is currently being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, often referred to as I.C.E.

The 31 year old was arraigned at Derby Superior Court.

Detectives say he and the others were about to gamble at least $8000 on which canaries and finches would survive fights to the death.

Authorities seized about 150 birds from the garage at 176 Ripton Road.

The majority of the birds were Saffron Finches.

Kasha Breau of the Connecticut Audubon Society in Glastonbury says the little birds can be aggressive under certain adverse conditions.

"I can see where there might be some aggression if you're not feeding them and you're putting them into smaller cages, yes, I can see where they would fight and fight to the death," Breau said.

Although cops believe they broke up the gambling ring before the fighting could start Sunday, they say at least four of the birds they seized have eye injuries.