Did you know in Connecticut, some of the money use from marriage licenses fees goes towards helping victims of domestic violence? Or at least that is the way it is supposed to be according for advocates for the victims.

"Where's the money?" said Erika Tindill, the director of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Tindill said that the Marriage surcharge fund was enacted into law back in 1993 and as mandated by law, a portion of that money has been going towards helping victims of domestic violence until recently. Tindill said the State is sitting on more than a million dollars from the fund and has been sitting on it for two years. This, she said, while shelters around the State are struggling to keep doors open and women alive. She wants the money for area shelters and she wants it now.

David Dearborn, a spokesman for the Department of Social Services which administers the Marriage License Surcharge fund, agreed with Tindill stating there is about $1 million dollars in the fund. Dearborn said that the DSS is currently waiting for proposals from shelters.

But Tindill disputed that saying many shelters had their proposals in months ago. She went on to say that because the law is vague, it is unclear whether or not they have any recourse.

"It also fails to say when? So, that is another point that perhaps DSS would have is that 'we don't have to distribute it', but my question is, why wouldn't you?" Tindall said at a press conference today at the State Legislative office building.

Meanwhile, Dearborn said that DSS has set a September 30th deadline for shelters to submit their proposals. He said each shelter in the State would get about $47,000.