Local Vietnam War vet reunited with dog

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY – Your help has reunited a family and their dog.

Kristie Schieber says donations helped get "Skeeter" out of the Humane Society of St. Joseph County.

As WSBT told you on Wednesday, Skeeter ran away earlier this week, was found and then dropped off at the Humane Society in Mishawaka.

His owner Gary Schieber suffered a stroke and was in the hospital for several months before recently being released.   

On Sunday, some people came over to Gary's home to visit, and Skeeter accidentally got out and ran away.  

The next day, Gary's daughter found Skeeter at the Humane Society of St. Joseph County.   

Kristie says the Humane Society told her it would cost $177 to get the dog back.    

Gary is a Vietnam War veteran and is on a fixed income, so Kristie asked if they could work out a payment plan, but the humane society said no.

The Humane Society would have been happy to return the dog. However, it was not licensed and it was not properly vaccinated.

As of now, Schieber says "Skeeter" is now properly licensed and is expected to get the rabies vaccine soon.