STATEMENT: Pat Bauer issues written statement on Thursday's vote to remove him as leader

Attached is a statement from State Rep. B. Patrick Bauer (D-South Bend) on Thursday's events:


“Despite the fact that I don’t agree with today’s outcome, I think Representative Lawson is a great leader.  She has a great background, particularly in standing up for working people.  She will respect the candidates we have working hard every day. They are really the future of our party and they deserve recognition and support. Linda also knows how to treat staff at the Statehouse and on the campaigns.


“After today, I hope we’ll get back to the business of helping members retain their seats and helping candidates be victorious in their elections. We must get back to a unified effort of supporting all of our great candidates and members.  They all have wonderful backgrounds. These people deserve our support after giving so much of their time and effort.


•  Karlee Macer is a lifelong resident of the Westside of Indianapolis and loves her community. She’s smart, vivacious, and will be a voice her community can be proud to elect. 

•  Tom O’Donnell is a former police officer who put himself through evening law school and was recently a Lake County Councilman. He and other candidates have been walking in 100 degree heat all summer, knocking on doors and getting a great reception. 

•  Those who knew Trent Van Haaften know he was one of the most conscientious legislators Indiana has had in recent memory.  He’s judicious, thoughtful and fair and we’re all anxious to get his expertise back in the Statehouse. 

•  Justin Moed started out in the Statehouse as a door keeper and worked his way up.  He works hard and never really expected anyone to give him a handout, instead he works to earn their trust and support  He’s knocked on as many doors as any other challenger candidate (but still not quite as many as Kreg Battles). 

•  Christina Hale, also in Indianapolis, was formerly the Chief Communication Officer with Kiwanis International, and when approached to run for this seat, decided it was a good time to change her career path.  She’s running full time for the legislature and putting together a broad group of supporters in the district.

•  State Representatives Kreg Battles is the heart and soul of our caucus.  His common sense attitude has been a barometer for many decisions we make.  He’s worked as hard as anyone on campaigns, though in a difficult district, has worked every day in the heat. Kreg is the type of legislator we should also strive to emulate.

•  State Representative Win Moses has taken to campaigning this summer.  He walks daily and is enjoying re-introducing himself to a community he has served so ably for 30 years.  I am confident he will win them over once again.

•  So many other incumbents and candidates who have been working in their community too: Shelli VanDenburgh, Phil Pflum, Katie Morgan, Melanie Wright, Mark Spelbring, Mark Norton, Jim McCormick, Dan Forestal just to name a few.


“I’m sure I’m leaving out some people, but work in the districts really has been tremendous this year.


“These people are worth fighting for. They are the reason I regret the events of these recent days and weeks because it took everyone’s eye off the ball of helping them get elected. Saying that, these people are also the reason our Democratic Party is worth fighting for because each and every one of them will serve Hoosiers to the best of their ability.  I hope today is a new beginning when we all remember supporting these candidates must be the focus of our caucus from now until November.”