WSBT photo

WSBT photo (May 4, 2013)

A South Bend man affected by gun violence was one of many who stood on the steps of the St. Joseph County Courthouse to raise awareness about gun control.

Stephen Miller's brother was killed by a gun. Years later, his nephew was shot. Friday's rally was held to demand answers from Senator Dan Coats regarding his opposition to allowing a gun control bill to  come up for a vote.

Senator Coats said last week there were no good choices when it came to deciding how to vote for the bill expanding background checks.

"The reasons are getting fewer and fewer, said Miller, “and the people that oppose this are generally grasping at smaller and smaller straws each time."

Coats said the bill was flawed and did not address the key problem that led to the tragedies at Sandy Hook and Aurora, Colorado: keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill people with a potential for violence.