Every kid loves coloring. Coloring requires crayons. Every parent dreads the inevitable: crayons on clothes.

A quick internet search yields a variety of options to get crayon out of clothes. They all include WD-40, dish soap...and a hope and a prayer.

To demonstrate, we used a pillowcase and a red crayon. We tied the pillow case up so we wouldn't ruin our dryer. In it went, on high heat. About 20 minutes later out it came. It was a very messy pillowcase and a messy dryer, too.

To clean the dryer:

Wipe the crayon with paper towel while it is still hot and melted.

Spray the inside of the dryer with WD-40. Let it sit for a while and wipe it away.

Then put some old rags and towels into the dryer and let it run through a dry cycle.

Seems easy right? Now for the hard part -- getting the crayon out of fabric:

Use a butter knife to scrape as much remaining crayon off as possible.

Spray the stained surface with WD-40. Lay the fabric on a papertower. That may help absorb some of the crayon. Let is sit for a while then spray the other side with WD-40.

Try wiping some more of the crayon off.

Then use dish soap. With a rag, try and rub as much crayon away as possible.

You might need to repeat the entire process a few times.

Finally, throw the stained item into the wash with laundry detergent.

Make sure the water is hot.

And, hopefully, when you pull your garment out, it will be clean.

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