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Benjamin Hubbard died when the ultralight plane he was piloting crashed in LaPorte County July 21, 2013..... (Photo provided / SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE / July 22, 2013)

A pilot who died when his ultralight crashed in a corn field near Mill Creek was en route to have breakfast with another pilot flying with him in a separate aircraft.

Benjamin Hubbard, 36, of South Bend, was found dead at the crash site before noon CDT in a field in the area of LaPorte County Road 600 East and Division Road.

“It's horrible. It's your worst nightmare, said Ken Linblack, 52, of Niles, who was flying with Hubbard to have breakfast in Plymouth.

Linblack said he had just met Hubbard a little more than a month ago when Hubbard began storing the ultralight he had just purchased at the Niles airport.

They had gone out for breakfast together once before near Kalamazoo.

On Sunday, they left before 7 a.m. EST from the airport in Niles, heading to Plymouth where Hubbard had a restaurant picked out.

Hubbard was piloting an ultralight while Linblack was at the controls of a single-engine Cessna plane.

Linblack said they were communicating with each other during the flght but somewhere near Rolling Prairie they lost radio contact.

He said Hubbard had had technical difficulties with his radio before where he could hear other pilots but they couldn't hear him, perhaps because of problems with his microphone.

“I was hoping that was the problem,” Linblack said Monday.