Granger restaurant shows support for breastfeeding moms after customer complaint
GRANGER – A popular Granger restaurant extends an olive branch to nursing mothers after an incident last Sunday left many of them outraged.

A customer complained about a woman breastfeeding her child in the dining area. That's when an employee stepped in.

Managers wouldn't say what was said between the two, but we do know that the mother got upset and left.

State law says women can breastfeed in any public or private area. Restaurant managers say they recognize that right and showed it with a special event.

Tony Saccos was packed today. Many of its customers were nursing mothers like Kristen Nolan.

"It's the exact meal that they need. It's what they need to grow," Nolan said.

Which is why she was appalled to hear a mother may have been asked to nurse her child in the bathroom after another patron complained.

"Breastfeeding in a bathroom to me is demeaning. I use the bathroom to get rid of my waste, so to nourish... I wouldn't eat in a bathroom and I wouldn't expect my baby to either," she said.

Managers at Tony Saccos have since apologized and even hosted a nurse-in on Thursday. At least a dozen moms and even one dad showed up.

"We're trying to kind of move past it instead of rehash it. Right now, we're trying to just kind of handle it and let everyone know we're listening to their concerns," said Cindy Kangas, director of marketing.

"I feel like she was just discriminated against for something that's natural," said Mindy Cooper, event organizer.

Cooper read the story online.

"So I just felt like we needed some sort of event to show the mom there's lots of women in this town that breast feed and the community supports her and thinks it's wrong what happened," she said.

Managers say they agree and from this point on, they plan to educate their employees on state breastfeeding laws and handle any future incident differently.

"The real change is that we'll deal with the person who is complaining and we'll try to relocate them or hook them up with something like an appetizer or card for their displacement," said Jesse Arredondo, general manager.

"They need to understand that it's a natural thing and it's not about a woman's breast out while you're eating. It's about her feeding a child," Cooper said.

After the mother was approached by the employees last Sunday, she left the restaurant.

The general manager says she was not asked to leave. In fact, he says they begged her to stay.