WSBT photo

WSBT photo (July 11, 2013)

It is blueberry picking season. U-pick officially started this week in our area and this year's crop is exceptional. The weather cooperated this spring and at least one blueberry farmer says this is the best season he has had in nearly 30 years.

It was really hot and humid yesterday but you didn't have to be out long to get a few buckets full of big, fat, blueberries at the Organic Blueberry Ranch in St. Joseph County.  The owner of the ranch, John Nelson, says this is the best blueberry growing year he has had since at least 1984. He says it has been the perfect year. He is not the only one who has noticed.

The U-pickers who come every year say the blueberries this year are as big and as juicy as grapes.

Ellen Maxwell. ValpoCLIp 29 - 5:25:40
"They are awesome," says Ellen Maxwell who is visiting from Valparaiso, "they are big, they are tasty. These bushes are loaded. I am so glad. It is so hot out here but it is so worth it."

Pat Freeman, Muncie
"They are so much nicer," says Pat Freeman of Muncie as she compares this year to last year, "They are larger. Sweeter. In larger clusters. They come off better. This is the best year that I have seen in probably about 4 or 5 years."

Sue Heick, South Bend
"I think the berries are amazingly large and very sweet. The best we have had in along time," says Sue Heick of South Bend.

Picking at the ranch opens everyday at 7:00am. The ranch is closed Sundays.