UPDATE: Child recovering from shooting, charges could be filed

SOUTH BEND -- Police have released more information about a shooting that injured a 5-year-old boy. They say he was shot by his 7-year-old brother with a gun found in the home.

It happened Thursday night around 8:30 in the 1300 block of North Huey in South Bend.

The boy who was shot was flown to Riley Hospital for Children and will be OK.

Police said the two brothers were either fighting or playing around inside the home. The 5 year old was taking a bath when the 7 year old came inside the bathroom and shot his brother in the wrist, which also hit the younger boy’s hip.

"To pick up a gun and shoot your brother is a tragedy, It’s sad," said neighbor Shena Lindsey.

Lindsey doesn't know what to think of Thursday's shooting. She lives a few doors down from where it took place. Her kids go to school with the boys involved.

"It makes you sick, worried, scared, to know that kids these days are smarter than what parents think they are," Lindsey said.

Police say the childrens’ aunt was babysitting them while their mother was at work.

Police tell us the mother has two guns in the home. They believe those guns weren't stored or locked up correctly, giving the three children in the home access to the weapons.

"Put it up away from your kids or don't have it inside your home," Lindsey said.

After the shooting, police say they found the two guns and bullets from the home across the street in a neighbor's yard. But they say the neighbors have no connection to the case.

"We see it far too often: Kids having access to guns and being unsupervised. It's obviously a lethal combination," said Pete Morgan with the Juvenile Justice Centers. He deals with situations like this all the time and says guns are more prevalent in today's culture – and parents need to keep a closer watch on kids because of it.

That's why Lindsey lectures her children, hoping they won't become another statistic.

 "I say to all my kids: ‘You protect your brothers, you don't hurt your brothers,’" Lindsey said.

Police say the child shot may have suffered severe nerve damage to his left hand. The 7 year old and an infant that lived in this home are now in the care of the Department of Child Services. DCS is also doing their own investigation on this case.

Police are calling this an accident right now, but they're still investigating. Criminal charges could be filed once the investigation is over.