Lebanon County Representative Mauree Gingrich says her choice not to accept her paychecks is simple.

"I want to suffer with the rest of the people that are suffering as a result of this," said Rep. Gingrich.

Fellow Lebanon County Representative RoseMarie Swanger agrees.

"I chose not to take my pay, because I didn't think it was the right thing to do, while we're still in limbo. I think we should not have been paid, so it would have been a really good incentive to get this done," said Rep. Swanger.

Both ladies say some representatives need the pay to take care of their families and bills.

"I finally accepted my pay just a few weeks ago. i just could not go on any longer, dipped into savings and investments I was able then to pay a mortgage payment and taxes myself," added Dauphin County Rep. Ron Marsico.

Representative Marsico says he has suspended his pay this month until a budget is in place. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Dwight Evans only accepted his pay after state workers received their paychecks.

"The bottom line is members are at work everyday whether in the capitol or out in the districts. Members on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers are working everyday," said Johnna Pro, spokeswoman for Rep. Evans.

Cumberland & York Counties Senator Pat Vance is one of only two state senators that have not accepted pay. Fox 43 has filed a Right-To-Know request with the Chief Clerks of the House and Senate for a full list of which senators and representatives accepted their pay during the budget stalemate. We hope to receive in the coming days.