Your Hero: Local woman helps breast cancer patients
A local woman, who lost her daughter to breast cancer, is now helping all women battling the disease.

From her computer, Bonnie Julius is giving the ladies their identity back; that makes her this week's FOX43 "Your Hero."

From wigs to massages, Bonnie Julius is taking care of breast cancer patients across the country. She operates an online non-profit organization that connects women with the products they need to restore their self confidence. She started 'Crickett's Answer For Cancer' in 2008, in honor of her daughter, Crickett Julius.

Julius earns no paycheck, she only the satisfaction she feels from above.

"I know that Crickett is smiling, smiling, smiling down on us all the time," Bonnie says.

Crickett was just 39-years old when doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer.

"I said what is Stage 4? Because I never had anything to do with it, didn't know people who had breast cancer and before he (the doctor) could answer, she said 'Mama, that means I'm terminal," she says.

Bonnie was by her daughter's side through chemotherapy, but her fight ended just four months later. After Crickett's death, all Bonnie could do was wonder how it could happen.

Bonnie says, "she was vivacious, she was energetic, she had a personal trainer, she kept herself in good shape, she did self breast exams and all the sorts of things that you're supposed to do."

Through her fight, Crickett had strength. Bonnie decided to carry that torch and help women nationwide who are battling the same disease.

Through her website, Bonnie provides wigs, mastectomy and lymphedema products, as well as pampering services to female breast cancer patients across the country.

It's all for free for patients; paid for solely by donations and fundraisers.

But, the products come with a price; one that Bonnie hopes to be able to pay for many years to keep her daughter's memory alive.

"I'm having the time of my life and I hope to help many, many more," Bonnie says.

Bonnie operates the website with help from her niece. Since they started it in 2008, they have helped 265 women.

For more information, or to make a donation, click on this link: