Students and Staff Tested for TB at Chambersburg Area Senior High School
Two hundred students and staff tested for tuberculosis at Chambersburg Area Senior High School.

Earlier this week, an individual with the disease tested positive provoking the district to take quick action.

Assistant Superintendent Cathy Dusman said on Friday, “At this point parents received letters – and phone calls were sent to all parents.”

All individuals who may have been in contact with the victim were asked to take a precautionary TB test on Friday.

Dusman added, “We honestly believe we have exceeding the number of individuals who have been exposed to this at this time.”  

The Pennsylvania Department of Health cannot comment on the specifics of the positive test only saying that TB is considered a hard disease to acquire and one must be in tight close contact with the individual for hours or days.

Dr. Glenda Cardillo, an Epidemiologist at the Pennsylvania Department of Health said, “That person has to be to on medication for three to four weeks before it’s not contagious anymore.”

The district will be monitoring the situation carefully, “It will continue to be our priority to make sure all our students and staff in all our buildings are safe,” said Dusman.

Results of all the TB tests administered on Friday should be available next week.

Anyone with any concerns or questions are asked to call the Pennsylvania Department of Health.