Technology Backlash; Advanced Technology Taking a Toll on Kids' Eyesight

Advanced technology in the classroom is typically reason for celebration.  However coupled with technology at home and nearly everywhere else has some Optometrists noticing a negative side effect to using technology.  In the past three years Dr. Christine Weld with Weaver Eye Associates in West York has seen an increase in the number of kids who need glasses.  In one week she sees up to 20 children.  She says most of the kids suffer from nearsightedness, which is caused by two things: heredity and the environment they are expose to and with technology nearly everywhere it’s playing a major role.

“Children they have to start reading at a younger age so there's a little bit more demand on their up close vision,” said Dr. Weld.  “There's more computer work. There's video games. There's handheld video games too and there's just a lot more demand for that up close vision.”

Dr. Weld advises parents to limit technology time.  She says kids should use technology in 20 minute increments with two to five minute breaks.  She also advises kids who are nearsighted to remove their glasses while participating in up close activities such as reading and playing handheld video games.  This will give their eyes a break.  Parents should check with their child’s physician before making any adjustments.