As the Stock Market plunged more than 600 points on Monday, what does a financial advisor tells his clients?

" Don`t panic. Emotional fears run really strong during this time frame," says Walter Wilhelm with Waddell and Reed Financial Advisors in Lower Paxton Township.

He says he's been receiving many calls from his clients, and he asks them a number of questions.

" When they first invested their money did they think the market would go up all the time? And a lot of times they answered no to that question, knowing that at times the market would go down. Well, this is one of those times," says Wilhelm

He says this is actually the perfect time to dip your toe a little further into the market.

" What`s happening right now with those investors is their emotions are taking over and the emotions are, the market`s down I need to get out but that`s actually the opposite of what they should do."

He calls the stock market a cyclical animal, and says we will see better days.

" This is isn`t the first time you`re going to see a dip in the market and it`s certainly not the last. "