Searching for Ghosts, Monsters and Aliens in Gettysburg

There's something spooky stirring in Gettysburg.  Ghost, monster and alien hunters join forces to investigate haunted places.  Everyone at Phenomenology 104 in Gettysburg has a story. 

"We did once go on the battlefield during broad daylight and walked around and one of the girls was picking out that she felt there was a ghost across the way so I went over there with the digital recorder and I got responses saying 'leave', says Chris Fleming, a paranormal investigator. 

The three day event, a gathering of like minded people, searching for ghosts, Bigfoot, aliens, anything unusual or from the afterlife.  It features lectures by stars of science fiction television shows and authors as well as investigations into haunted places like the Eisenhower Hotel in Gettysburg.  But even the experts don't take the paranormal for granted.

"Being skeptical is so important for all of us.  Because things can be faked; things can be misunderstood," says Jeff Belanger, a paranormal researcher. 

Paranormal gatherings gives people from across the nation a place to share experiences with others who understand. 

"Some people are afraid to know there's life after death because then they have to take responsibility for this life and what they're doing," Fleming says. 

This is the fourth year form Phenomenology 104.  Among the featured celebrities are Kris Williams of"Ghost Hunters,"Ben Hansen of "Fact of Faked," Dave Schrader of "Paranormal Challenge," and Debby Constantino of "Ghost Adventures."  Many of them are offering autographs, lectures and will go with people to investigate haunted areas or search for Bigfoot. 

The event runs from March 22-25 at the Eisenhower Hotel on Emmitsburg Road in Gettysburg.  Tickets are $150 and tickets for the investigations are sold separately.