Judge: No aliases for alleged Sandusky victims; No tweeting from courtroom

Jury selection in the trial for former Penn State Football Coach Jerry Sanduksy starts tomorrow. Today, Judge John Cleland issuing multilple rulings. In one of his rulings, he denied alleged victims 3,4,5,6 and 7's request to keep their identies private by using a pseudonym instead of their real names. In his order, he states that courts are not in the business of withholding information.

" If you allow victims to be cloaked in anonmyity, aren`t you opening the flood gates with other victims in other cases to come into court and say, I deserve to have anonymity? You did it in that case, you should do it in this case," says Steven Breit, Legal Analyst

In another ruling Cleland denying the defense`s motion for the prosecution to tell them what they know about potential jurors.

" It`s sort of akin to taking an exam and asking your neighbor next door for the answers," says Breit

He also ruled that reporters cannot tweet or have any contact with an outside party from the courtroom. Jury selection could last for days.

" Given the number of jurors given the fixed opinions people have held given a numbe of things I think jury selection could last a very long time," says Breit

Also Monday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied Sanduksy`s latest request for delay of trial.

Judge John Cleland issued four orders this morning pertaining to the soon-to-begin sexual abuse trial of former Penn State Assistant Football Coach and founder of the charity The Second Mile, Jerry Sandusky. Five of the alleged victims, known as victims 3,4,5, 6 and 7 from the grand jury presentment, have been denied the request to use psuedonyms during their testimony.

Judge Cleland has ruled that reporters will be allowed to use electronic devices in the court room, but there will be no "tweeting" or use of the devices for the purpose of communicating with any person or devoce outside the courtroom.

To read each of the orders in their entirety, click here.