A plane soon headed overseas for missionary work makes a stop in Lancaster County Wednesday. The JAARS Kodiak is the first ever plane built specifically for mission work. It will leave for Papua New Guinea this fall.

The JAARS Kodiak is designed to take off and land in rough terrain. Extra cargo space makes it easier for the non profit group to reach the people who need it most with enough aid. Christopher Rice has traveled with JAARS since 1999. "When we go to villages, we have to make decisions about what to take, how much food. A plane like this has so much cargo space and weight allowance that things like that won't be as much of an issue."

The primary goal of JAARS is to help translate the bible. But on their missions they also supply food, medical aid and animals.

When the JAARS Kodiak heads to Papua New Guinea this fall, it will spend about 40 hours in the air and reach speeds of about 200 miles per hour. Once it lands in Papua New Guinea it will remain stationed out of that country.