Every 10 years Pennsylvania updates it's district lines, based on census results.

And this year brings some major changes.

Pennsylvania would lose a congressional seat in Washington.

District 19, which is currently held by congressman Todd Platts will essentially be split down the middle, and will now become District 4 and include Harrisburg.

Democrats say this redistricting is in favor of Republicans.

" Basically what you have is a way to find a way to draw lines to make sure every Republican encombant member of congress didn`t have a tough re-election. Basically, the lines draw an affront to democracy," says Rep. Eugene DePasquale ( D) 95th District

Congressman Todd Platts says while he`s dissapointed to lose a part of Cumberland County he respects the proposal.

" It`s a decision for the general assembly. I don`t get a vote. I respect the decision that has been made,and we`ll go forward as need be in the coming year," says Representative Todd Platts

If this redistricting goes through Cumberland County will share its district with Hazelton, and Northumblerand county.

" I think people are concerned that the uniqueness of Cumberland County is going to be watered down really in a district to serve political purposes not because it`s in the best interest of the residents to be lumped together like that," says Michael Fedor , Cumberland Coutny Democratic Chairman

Other changes include districts from the Lehigh Valley extending into our area.

State lawmakers could approve the plan and have it on the Governor's desk by the end of the week.

The new districts would become effective in January of 2013.

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