Operation God Bless America started small.

20 years ago, it was meant to raise funds fo the men and women serving in the first Gulf War.

Two decades later, and hundreds of more riders - it's one of the largest single events to raise private donations for the Martinsburg, West Virginia Veterans Hospital.

Wayne Nicarry is one of the largest donors.

"Veterans are very special to me," he said.

To date he and his wife have contributed over one hundred thousand dollars to the hospital.

"Freedom isn't free," said Nicarry.  He added, "If I can give a little bit to those that want to keep it free - that's the reason why I do it."

But even the smallest contributions matter.

Each rider pays 10 bucks a head. All donations go directly to the hospital.

Kelsey Stachan is a student at Shippensburg University.

"We're doing what we do every day - giving a few bucks helping out vets means a lot," she said.

But riders said that the financial aspect of the ride is only one factor - the biggest gift each rider receives is seeing the patients faces in West Virginia.

"They're standing outside applauding for us," said Nicarry.  "You can't explain what it means to you."