Operation God Bless America Raises Money For Veterans
Motorcycle riders from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia gathered Sunday for the 22nd Annual 'Operation: God Bless America Motorcycle Ride.'

The ride honors veterans and active military and also raises money for patients of the Martinsburg Veterans Affairs VA Medical Center in West Virginia. "We fixed our bowling alley, we buy weight equipment, tv's, all the things that we can't buy with the federal funds at the hospital; this type of activity really enhances what we can do for our veterans" said Ann Brown, Director of the Martinsburg VA Medical Center.

"Being that I spent 33 years in the military, it almost makes me cry having to have to go in there to push them out with no arms and no legs. It's really something to see. They need all the help they can get," said Elton Ensor, a World War II Veteran.

Riders taking off from Franklin County and ending up at the Martinsburg VA Medical Center.