Newberry Township Police Beef Up Patrols after 30 Burglaries

After more than 30 break-ins since the start of summer, Newberry Township Police have beefed up patrols.  The Chief of police says people are targeting unattached garages, stealing the items stored inside.  One Newberry Township community member said someone got into his trailer Friday night and thieves got away with $6,000 worth of construction equipment he uses for his construction job.  He has since bought a little bit more than $1,000 worth of equipment in order to complete part of his workload.  He has also made a claim with his insurance company and hopes whoever is behind the crime is caught. 

"It hurts me because I now have to take money I don't have to replace the tools until the insurance covers it," said Thomas Worley.  "If not I have to shut my business down until I get the tools replaced."

Thomas admits he mistakenly left his trailer door open.  However recent burglaries would suggest his negligence wasn't the complete blame.

"They've been pretty large scale," said Chief John Snyder, Newberry Township Police Department.  "They've broken into separate buildings, out buildings, unoccupied. Generally what they take is construction equipment, hand tools, and hunting equipment."

Police are asking community members to be aware of their surroundings.  They are asking everyone to report any suspicious activity or unfamiliar cars in the area, especially at night which is when the crimes took place.  Police told FOX43 whoever is behind the crimes is not working alone and is using a vehicle as some of the items stolen cannot be transported alone or on foot.