Manchester Twp. Fire Department Possibly Merging with Regional Department

The Manchester Township Fire Department in York County could be merging with a regional fire department. The township has asked to join York Area United Fire and Rescue, which is currently a joint department for Springettsbury and Spring Garden Townships.

Firefighters say it is important for them to keep all 23 paid positions at the Manchester Township Fire Department. By merging with York Area United Fire and Rescue, they say it will hopefully just mean a better working relationship.

"When there's an emergency, seconds count and if we can have more people doing more things at the same time, it's going to help out," said Captain Curvin Wolfgang.

By remaining in the same location, Township Manager Tim James says response times won't negatively be affected. If anything, he expects them to be faster.

"It eliminates township lines. It may serve areas sooner than where they currently are, so there's some possibility of some better services out there," said James.

If the merger goes through, James says the savings could be great.

"Say we need to replace a ladder truck. We may find that we don't have to do so if it's duplicatory at another station. So there's a half million dollar to 750 thousand dollar piece of equipment we don't have to purchase," he said. 

The merger is still in early stages and could possibly take a year or two before going into effect.